Here's what we cover in MWAB Level 1

MWAB Level 1 Curriculum Introduction to neuroanatomy

Movement with a brain intro 1 & 2

Need to Know Neuroanatomy and Foundational Theory

Integrating Concepts

Sample Vinyasa Flow

Reading (book) list and resources (brainy links)

Lesson 1: Assessment & VOR (vestibulocularreflex)


VOR integration/application

Lesson 2: Infinity Walk

COORDINATE: tutorial/theory


Lesson 3: Convergence & Accommodation

SEE: tutorial/theory


Lesson 4: Hand/eye coordination & Visual Processing

COORDINATE: cerebellum & coordination charts

Lesson 5: Integrating balance training and mobility

INTEGRATE: Head positions, semicircular canals and knee mobility

Lesson 6: VOR cancellation, overriding reflexes

BALANCE: vestibuloocular reflex cancellation

Lesson 7: Business topic food for thought


Identifying core values for our lives and business

How to EXPLAIN (or not) brain-based training/material to students

Lesson 8: Shoulder Mobility Template

CLARIFY: Mapping the shoulder

Lesson 9: Saccades & Smooth Pursuits

SEE (TO TRACK): Saccades

Lesson 10: Respiratory Strength & Awareness


PART 1 increasing proprioception via feedback/resistnace

PART 1 Mapping the diaphragm

Lesson 11: Mapping The Spine (awareness through movement)

CLARIFY: improving soft tissue function by way of cortical maps

Lesson 12: Neural Mobilizations

MOVE/INNERVATE: neural flossing/gliding/mobilizing

Lesson 13: Brock String Fun

SEE/BALANCE: convergence, tracking and accomodation

Lesson 14: How Adults Learn Best

THEORY: Anatomy of a neuron & neuroplasticity

Lesson 15: Improving Proprioception and Kinesthetic Awareness with Visual Cues

FEEL/SEE/CLARIFY: Working with lasers

Lesson 16: Clarify Spinal Movement

CLARIFY: Thoracic glides and adding load and positional variety

Lesson 17: Breathing Inspired by Russian Martial Arts (Systema)

CONTROL: marrying rhythm, movement & breath

Lesson 18: More In Depth Cerebellum Anatomy & Corresponding Eye Positions

SEE/INTEGRATE/COORDINATE: Cerebellum divisions, functions & stimulation  via eyes

Lesson 19: Must Know Terms/Nervous System Anatomy  & Function

Lesson 20: Feet First

MOVE: Ball of foot circles and my workshop slideshow

Lesson 21: Vestibuloocular Reflex Cancellation Variation: Opposed Gaze


Lesson 22: Rhomberg’s Test and Fukuda Step Test

BALANCE: Familiarizing, assessing and stimulating the semi circular canals

Lesson 23: Prefrontal Cortex and the Stroop Effect

SEE/PROCESS/DECIDE: Training discernment

Lesson 24: Burdenko Method Land Exercises:

PLAY/MOVE/INTEGRATE/COORDINATE: engaging the whole brain and body


My intake form for private yoga/personal training/movement coaching

Visual Field Strength For Global Mobility: Identifying visual gaps

10 Simple Tools to Press Reset: Real Time Tools For Calm