My Intake Form

health history.pdf

This is a VERY thorough intake for private clients of personal training/yoga/movement that I have retooled from a variety of sources for you to download and use. It includes questions about motivation for change (to that topic I'm including a link to Gretchen Rubins 4 tendencies from book about how we contend with both internal and external jobs, goals, challenges and aspirations. I find this deeply relevant when it comes to our clients homework and compliance: when it comes to elected adaptive change we need consistent frequent input to affect it! I'm not huge on categories but I've found this resonant and personally helpful. The four: upholder, obliger, questioner and rebel. I'm a rebel (this should come as no surprise) and so accountability (as a measure for compliance) backfires. For me I have to passionately want to do something (I even thwart my own efforts if I feel caged in or pressured) to have the energy and motivation to follow through so I always give movement enjoyed as a child and more. Brain injuries can have lasting impact so I like to ask about that as well as any surgeries because scars (even tattoos!) can impact mobility and body maps. Sometimes vibration massage and kinesiotape work to mitigate the effects of scarring- a topic to unpack later. The more intake info you have, the better you can craft a well-tailored, personalized approach to training. I hope it's helpful for those of you working with private clients!

XO erin