CLARIFY: Contractile (cortical) maps/relaxation maps

Active Contractile Mapping (ACM) is a Zhealth approach to building motor awareness and skill and improving function.

Start doing these exercises slowly, contracting more as you practice: three out of ten intensity in the beginning then slowly ramping up the tension as if you're turning a faucet.

We start with the paraspinal group of muscles that work as a big group and attach from the base of the skull all the way down to the top of the sacrum and ilium. Lack of awareness can cause stiffness and pain so learning how to deliberately contract in a few directions at once is key. 

these muscles they have a bunch of combination movements that they perform. First we’ll lengthen the muscles, then put them under a little stretch and then reverse that and contract them.

In the fitness world we usually only mobilize/strengthen in one direction at a time but we'll get better results with multi-tasking to mimic natural movement.