Infinity Walk Integration & Application (Dani)

Infinity Walk Applications

Forgive my voice and the many cuts in these two videos, Movement with a Brain friends! I've had the flu for over a week, not much voice since Thursday, and a big ol' cough that made filming this piece for you a little complicated.

In the two videos (separated only because teachable couldn't upload the whole thing as a single file), you'll find:

  • a review on what Infinity Walk 1 & 2 look like
  • a note on how to cue Infinity Walk 1 for your clients/classes
  • a note on how to regress the Infinity Walk with the kind of prop used. (And you can go higher if need be! A set of chairs works well in a chair yoga setting, for example.)
  • ideas on how to make the focal point of the infinity walk activity specific for athletes
  • an example of how the infinity walk could fit in a personal training setting
  • a few different ways to use the Infinity Walk in group yoga classes

What do you think after watching? Can you envision how this could work in your classes, with your clients, and even within your own personal practice?

Please feel free to use the comments section below to share other ideas about how to work with the infinity walk in your modalities, ask questions, offer comments and feedback.