REFINE: Identifying Core Values

Four quotes by Moshe Feldenkrais:

“The average person avoids any serious change and vegetates in some sort of static equilibrium”

(Learning can be threatening. Change can be triggering.)

“The hands, the feet, the whole body will conform to the environment through the nervous system.”

(what environment are you conforming to? SAID principle: specific adaptation to imposed demand)

“The nervous system is enclosed in the body and comes into contact with the world outside it through the senses.” (Sensory before motor)

“The human nervous system is the least rigid of all structures.” (plasticity! novelty keeps us dynamic)

Core Values (dare to lead by Brene Brown).pdf

Hi Ya'll!

I wanted to pause our neuro content for a moment to consider other aspects of doing this work as referred to in our survey and in your answers.

More to come, but for the moment I invite you to take a look at the attached~ Brene Brown's list of core values from her most recent book Dare to Lead. She suggests we whittle our list down to TWO main categories (with others as subcategories) for clarity and definition. We don't have separate values for life and work she explains, which I agree and I have found identifying them for myself very helpful in guiding my work.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if/how this helps you in various aspects of your work.

xo Erin