VORc in Practice

VOR (Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex--think back to MWAB lesson 1!) and VORc are complementary concepts that I frequently integrate into my yoga classes and personal training sessions. You'll see in this video that they pair beautifully with movements, poses, and transitions that look and feel like "traditional" yoga, so they work just as well with clients who come to you for a movement/relaxation experience as clients who come to you because they want to know everything they can about the body.

As always, choose how much detail to get into based on your client or group. Likewise, you can incorporate more or less explicit forms of assessment pre and post any VOR or VORc drill. This video shows a yoga flow where assessment is less explicit--I might ask my class to notice any differences in the quality or ease of a pose on the second side versus the first, but I'm not necessarily having everyone in the room choose their most telling or useful assessment, and then test that before and after each drill.

If I were doing this work in a private class or in a personal training setting, however, I absolutely would be doing client-specific assessments before and after each drill, and then letting the results of the post-assessments direct future work.

This video is a 30 minute practice, time-lapsed to give you some ideas about how you might apply VOR and VORc in your own movement practice, or in your teaching/coaching. If any of it moves too quickly to be clear thanks to the time-lapse, or you feel like you'd like to hear how I'd cue something in real time, please let me know in the comments. All questions/comments/feedback/jokes (wink!) welcome. :)

Our first MWAB zoom call is coming up next week! So this is a great time to be thinking about what questions you have about everything we've covered so far. If there's a chance you won't be able to join us live for the zoom call, make sure to get those questions to us, whether here in the comments, or by email to either one/both of us, or messaging us on social media, so that we can address them for the recording!